Automatic induction laser target not easy to damage use for indoor shooting training dry fire shooting at home


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Product Description

The J10C laser sensing target can make corresponding audio-visual feedback by receiving the shooting signal from the laser shooting simulator. It can be used with L17 laser shooting simulator, laser tube and laser b ullet that are designed by Special Pie, which makes them form a laser shooting training system for users. J10C target provides 3 shooting training modes to meet the training needs of different shooters and improve their shooting speed and accuracy


Built-in Speaker and timer, it can issue voice commands
Everytime J10C being hit, it will display shots and time, shooter can review the shooting scores by short pressing review button. With bulit-in speaker , it will simulate the real shooting sound , bringing the better shooting experience to the shooter

Being a smart target system automatically

They will get connected automatically, when 2 or more J10C targets are put

together, which makes them form a smart shooting target system. Shooters
need to follow to rules to shoot the right target. This shooting mode can improve user’s shooting speed and accuracy greatly

Two levels of volume, free adjustment..
The volume is adjustable, adapt to the training needs of different places.
(Adjustment method:Short press the power button 3 times after booting to
adjust volume)

Three Shooting Modes

Mode 1:After all targets are turned on, the time is synchronized. Each target is limited to 99 shots and the maximum time is 99 seconds. Mode 2:After all targets are turned on, the time is synchronized, and each target can only shoot 2 times. Mode 3:It is the intelligent target system mode. When 3 or more targets are put together (within 50M between each other), they will automatically get connected.after turned on. Each time there will be 2 targets with green lights waiting to be shot, then it will cycle

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Product Paramenters

Product Name
Laser sensing target
Product Model
5 AA Batteries or powerbank
Net Weight
190g (without battery),250g(with battery)
Gross Weight
350g (without battery)
Applicable Place
Indoor (No glare)
Packing List
1*J10C Target


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