2023 Latest Factory Price Monopole Tecar Therapy Physiotherapy Diathermy SmartTecar Monopole Rf Cet Ret Slimming Machine


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Product Description


Heads Size
Monopolar Radio Frequency
10.4 Inches Touch Screen
RF Frequency
110V/220V 50-60Hz
Treatment Area
Face Body Face Neck

Working Principle

Working Principle Of Smart Tecar:

TECAR therapy as a system of Capacitive and Resistive electric transfer ,which is one of the methods used in diathermy, was developed as a form of deep thermotherapy ,delivers radio frequency (RF) energy,which passes between active electrode and inactive electrode, and generates heat in the human body .

What is Tecar?

1. Tecar Therapy is a form of thermotherapy (it heals your body by creating heat inside it) based on radio waves.It is also known as capacitive and resistive electrical transfer. Other types of laser therapy include TENS and PEMF, which use different wavelengths.

2. We choose a Tecar therapy is advanced physo care because its effectiveness. It is also popular with athletes and many of our patients are professional or amateur athletes.

What can Tecar cure?

1. The latest technology in sports rehabilitation to speed up muscle recovery and help athletes return to play as soon as possible.

2. The beneficial effects of Tecar therapy are mostly used in physical therapy, rehabilitation and pain management

Tecar’s effects

1. The heat speeds up your metabolism. This causes your blood to flow faster and to become more oxygenated. The result is that more oxygen.

2. Other healing properties of your body’s natural systems, are rushed to the site. The waste is also removed more quickly. The overall result is that your pain is reduced significantly, and the injury is healed more quickly.

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